Publisher's FAQ
How do I make money here?
You make money every time a visitor of your site views our video.
What sites can be added to Viboom?
Currently we are working with websites, blogs and Facebook pages.
What kind of videos will be posted on my site?
Mainly it is advertising videos of large well-known companies and brands.
How much money could I earn?
It all depends on your site, its audience, and the cost per view of videos posted.
Let’s assume that you have a high-quality site with an active audience of 21,000 people a day.
By placing a video on the top of all pages of the site, you can estimate that every third visitor will view this video. It means that the video receives 7,000 views.
The number of views is then multiplied with the value per single view both parties agreed upon and results in your revenues.
Do you count only unique views?
Yes, only one view by one visitor counts.
Are unique visitors determined solely by their IP address?
No. Not only by IP address, other factors are also taken into account. We have a very complex mechanism for identifying unique views and an artificial boost.
Unfortunately, we cannot fully elaborate our working principles, but we can assure you that we count almost all unique visitors, even those with the same IP address.
How long does a visitor have to watch a video for it to count as a view? Do they have to watch it to the end?
No. A view is counted during the first seconds after pressing the play button.
Can I turn on the autostart in video?
No, it's against the rules. We only work with click-and-play. The user has to actively click on a video ad.
Do you accept views from all countries?
Yes, mostly. It depends on the rules of every campaign.
Do you use your own video player?
We mainly use the YouTube video player.
Can I add an own description?
Yes, if changing the description is allowed by the campaign rules.
How frequently are statistics and earnings updated?
Statistics are updated in real time mode with a delay of several minutes.
How many daily visitors or subscribers should my site have?
At least one thousand unique visitors per day for sites and at least one thousand subscribers for Facebook pages.
How many sites can be added to one account?
You can add as many sites as you want to the same account. The main condition is that you must comply with the rules of the Service.
How can I delete a site from my account or how can I delete the whole account?
Please contact the support via tickets. We will help you.
Will my account immediately be banned for violations of the rules?
Not always.
It depends on the seriousness of the violation.
How will I know that there is a new video for the placement?
You will receive a notification via email.
For how long can I post the same video?
It depends on the duration of the campaign.
In your personal console each video has a budget scale which displays the progress of the campaign. The number of views for each site depends on many factors.
Once the campaign is over, you will receive a notification email.
Should I remove the video from the site after the advertising campaign is over?
No, you can keep it posted. We even recommend doing so.
Views will not be counted, but your visitors will be able to view the video clip.
Quite often, there are external links to the video and its removal may lead to the fact that visitors will get a blank page after clicking on them.
Additionally, if the page has been indexed by search engines, it is not recommended to delete the video.
Should I use only these specific player’s dimensions that are provided?
Yes. But if you need another size, please send a request to the tech support and explain the reason why you need it. We will try to help you.
How is the player placed?
The player is placed on websites using a JavaScript code. On Facebook it will be posted as a normal entry on your page.
My site does not support <JavaScript> inside the posts. What should I do?
In most cases this is solved by editing the post in the site’s database.
You need to add the post, and then change its code through editing of the database.
If you have any difficulty, please contact Viboom's tech support.
The campaign is only available for one of my sites. Can I post the same on another site?
No. The video may be posted only on the sites approved for the specific campaign.
When will I get paid?
We pay the publishers on net 30 basis. Payments for the previous month are made at the end of the following month via PayPal or bank transfer. The minimum payout is €20.
Should I order a monthly payment?
No, all payments are made automatically.
I did not specify the payment details during the registration. What should I do?
You can add them or change them inside your user's console.
Can I post your videos in third party forums, message boards, comment sections of other sites? Can I send it via email?
No! Our videos can be placed only on approved sites. Only code intended for this particular site can be placed.
My question is not included in this FAQ section, where can I get help?
Write us a support ticket inside the publisher's console. We will be glad to answer any question.
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